A ccontemporary production pottery studio with sustainability at it's core.

Charlotte Manser Ceramics offers a unique opportunity for customers to invest in and enjoy pottery, carefully
crafted with a commitment to sustainability at its core. Our small team takes pride in every piece we make and strives to provide exceptional service to each and every customer.
By merging traditional craftsmanship with a modern aesthetic, we bring an art form that’s centuries-old into the
present day. Our stunning, evocative glazes create a seamless connection between the indoors and outdoors,
inviting customers to bring a touch of natural beauty into their homes.
We believe that our pottery should evoke a sense of nostalgia and remind our customers of their own experiences in nature. We take great care in selecting materials and creating designs that reflect the natural en-
vironment around us, so that each piece we make tells a unique story.

Thank you for considering Charlotte Manser Ceramics. We look forward to sharing our passion for handmade
craftsmanship and sustainable living with you.